Dating a Foreigner - Four Unobvious Problems

When thinking about dating a foreigner, people usually have a lot of pictures appearing in their minds: French kisses, African passions, Eastern tales, etc. Such relationships are actually able to bring you unbelievable moments of happiness and unforgettable experience.
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However, one should not forget that a foreigner is usually a person from another world. They are a person with their traditions, laws, principles and ways to live their life. The success of a relationship will depend on your preparation to see possible problems and to cope with them. This article is devoted to unobvious difficulties about dating a foreigner and their possible solutions.

Problem 1: Distance

People having their loved ones living in the same place are lucky. However, as a rule, one meets foreigners randomly: on vacation, on a business trip, during an internship, etc. Keeping a relationship when there is a distance between people is a big problem.
And both partners should be ready for it. In addition to obvious longing (while waiting to meet each other) and jealousy (where is he/she now and who is nearby?), they’ll be tortured by the lack of possibility to be together at important events or simply no “shoulder” here and now.
Besides, financial possibilities do not always allow people to meet each other even once per month. All the factors above combined require partners to make a quick decision: to get rid of distance or of their relationship.

Problem 2: Lifestyle

These problems appear even when dating compatriots: someone likes staying at home while a partner prefers parties, others like exhibitions, museums, mountain hikes, hunting, fishing vs video games, etc. A person who grew up in another country will most probably have their thoughts on working, free time, and rest even more different.
A solution is simple here. Discuss mutual expectations with your partner. Find compromises on critical points early to prevent future misunderstandings.

Problem 3: Food

Even such a small thing as food preferences may become a serious trouble in the sweetest relationship. The love for different restaurants is fine. The real problems begin a bit deeper. For instance, a problem is when your favorite products get excluded from the menu, or when your partner is vegan, or oppositely, when they prefer meals you think to be weird, etc.
Someone thinks it’s important for a woman to get up at 5 AM and spend hours to cook breakfast. Other men would prefer staying in bed together and then having a lunch in a nearby café.
It’s very important for partners to have a match here, or to be ready for mutual concessions. A joyful eating together will only strengthen your relationship while everyday irritation about such “small things” may turn into a huge trouble with time.

Problem 4: Money

Financial questions are frequent to become stumbling blocks for any relationship. Who will pay restaurant bills? How to count the budget? Should both partners work? Will you help relatives? These questions should be discussed by any couple, and even more so when you are dating a foreigner.
Multiple international couples are happy. And that’s the visible example of the fact that finding your loved one next door or in the most distant point of the globe is equally possible. Relationships without problems do not exist. But when there is love, it becomes much easier to solve them all.